What’s New in vcpkg (June 2024)

Augustin Popa

This blog post summarizes changes to the vcpkg package manager as part of the 2024.06.15 release, 2024-06-10 tool release, as well as changes to vcpkg documentation throughout June. This month’s release includes some error message improvements and bug fixes.

Some stats for this period:

  • There are now 2,441 total ports available in the vcpkg public registry. A port is a versioned recipe for building a package from source, such as a C or C++ library.
  • 9 new ports were added to the open-source registry.
  • 442 updates were made to existing ports. As always, we validate each change to a port by building all other ports that depend on or are depended by the library that is being updated for our 13 main triplets.
  • 26 contributors submitted PRs, issues, or participated in discussions in the main repo.
  • The main vcpkg repo has over 6,100 forks and 22,000 stars on GitHub.


vcpkg changelog (2024.06.15 release)

The following meaningful changes were made in this release:

  • Fixed version export in SPDX module (PR: Microsoft/vcpkg-tool#1400, thanks @xvitaly!).
  • Added missing --keep-going switch to x-set-installed (PR: Microsoft/vcpkg-tool#1407, thanks @Neumann-A!).
  • Fixed misleading/incorrect error message triggering on an AWS S3 binary cache miss (PR: Microsoft/vcpkg-tool#1404, thanks @petamas!).
  • All post-build checks now have skip policies. Also made some error messages more consistent in format, improved their output, and removed some duplicate messages (PR: Microsoft/vcpkg-tool#1405).


Documentation changes

If you have any suggestions for our documentation, please submit an issue in our GitHub repo or see the box at the bottom of a particular article.


Total ports available for tested triplets

triplet ports available
x64-windows 2,306
x86-windows 2,215
x64-windows-static 2,190
x64-windows-static-md 2,223
arm64-windows 1,873
x64-uwp 1,274
arm64-uwp 1,240
x64-linux 2,273
x64-osx 2,155
arm64-osx 2,074
arm-neon-android 1,578
x64-android 1,651
arm64-android 1,625

While vcpkg supports a much larger variety of target platforms and architectures (as community triplets), the list above is validated exhaustively to ensure updated ports don’t break other ports in the catalog.


Thank you to our contributors

vcpkg couldn’t be where it is today without contributions from our open-source community. Thank you for your continued support! The following people contributed to the vcpkg, vcpkg-tool, or vcpkg-docs repos in this release:

  • dg0yt (35 commits)
  • Neumann-A (8 commits)
  • RT2Code (5 commits)
  • AenBleidd (4 commits)
  • Thomas1664 (4 commits)
  • xiaozhuai (3 commits)
  • MehdiChinoune (2 commits)
  • UnixY2K (2 commits)
  • kafeg (1 commit)
  • omarhogni (1 commit)
  • alagoutte (1 commit)
  • miyanyan (1 commit)
  • danielaparker (1 commit)
  • an-tao (1 commit)
  • yurybura (1 commit)
  • talregev (1 commit)
  • Osyotr (1 commit)
  • traversaro (1 commit)
  • chausner (1 commit)
  • c8ef (1 commit)
  • pzychotic (1 commit)
  • xvitaly (1 commit)
  • autoantwort (1 commit)


Learn more

You can find the full 2024.06.15 release notes on GitHub for the main repo. Recent updates to the vcpkg tool can be viewed on the vcpkg-tool Releases page. To contribute to vcpkg documentation, visit the vcpkg-docs repo. If you’re new to vcpkg or curious about how a package manager can make your life easier as a C/C++ developer, check out the vcpkg website – vcpkg.io.

If you would like to contribute to vcpkg and its library catalog, or want to give us feedback on anything, check out our GitHub repo. Please report bugs or request updates to ports in our issue tracker or join more general discussion in our discussion forum.



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