The new Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty Certification is here!

Nikisha Reyes-Grange

Developers who wish to prove their cloud-native app development skills with Azure Cosmos DB can now earn the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty Certification.  Get a preview of what to expect in the latest episode of Data Exposed:

Prepare for the Azure Cosmos DB developer certification exam

Ready to get started? Use these free resources to help you prepare for the exam “Designing and Implementing Cloud-Native Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (Exam DP-420)”:


Learn more about Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a fast and scalable cloud database for modern app development. See how to get started, dev/test, and run small production workloads free.




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  • Hakan Fostok

    Is there any pure C# certifcate, I searched a lot of C# Certificate but I found most of the Microsoft certificates are retired or about to retire.
    If I want to prove my ability in C# what Certification should I take?

    • Michael Taylor

      MS has moved away from programming-specific certifications and products. Rather than certifying for products they focus on positional certifications related to their products. For example if you’re a DBA then there are SQL certifications for that. If you’re a dev then they are completely focused on Azure so all the certs are related to that. They have more certs for sysadmins than developers given that sysadmins have to work with different sets of software like Exchange and Windows but all are still positional based in my experience.