Announcing Instant GraphQL APIs with Hasura Data Connector for Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

We’re excited to partner with Hasura to launch a new Hasura native data connector that generates instant GraphQL APIs on Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL. 

Hasura DDN makes data access easy by enabling backend teams to effortlessly deliver a unified API on all your data. With unparalleled on-demand composability, performance, security, and reliability baked in, frontend teams are empowered to ship new experiences faster.

Key features of the connector:  

The Hasura data connector for Azure Cosmos DB offers instant, real-time, and production-ready GraphQL APIs on top of Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL.  

Key features include: 

  • On-demand composability: The connector allows you to specify how your domains and entities are related to get a unified API. You can query, fetch, filter, paginate, and aggregate any shape of data on demand across this semantic graph from a single endpoint. 
  • Built-in authorization: Hasura’s built-in, fine-grained, row-level authorization engine allows you to conveniently specify role-based authorization rules at a model level, and safely expose the API to developers inside or outside your organization. 
  • High performance: The connector compiles incoming GraphQL queries to SQL in a way that leverages native database capabilities. The query execution plan also intelligently sequences, batches, and distributes a composite query to avoid common performance challenges like N+1. 
  • Cross-domain fetches: With Hasura DDN, you can compose data across multiple domains. Nested filtering and nested sorting across domains are on the roadmap. 

Use cases of the connector:  

API authoring 

With this integration, Hasura allows you to build APIs on top of Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL in minutes, saving backend development teams time and speeding up time to market. This integration also obviates the need to refactor APIs (microservices) as data models change. 

App or API modernization 

Modernizing legacy applications, APIs, and app stacks is essential for businesses to enhance performance, scalability, and maintainability while reducing costs. 

This integration offers a fast track to modernizing your apps and APIs, and breaking down monolithic services by: 

  • Data modernization: Migrating data to modern databases like Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL, an API enables more efficient storage and retrieval of unstructured data. This new data connector speeds up rebuilding the API layer in your data modernization project. 
  • API composition: Hasura DDN provides a unified API across multiple data domains, thus simplifying data access for app teams and API consumers that need to find, query, and join from multiple microservices. 
  • Data products: With this new connector, you get a composable API that lets you flexibly fetch the shape of data you need. This eliminates the need to create (and maintain) bespoke endpoints and microservices for each data product. 

With the Hasura data connector for Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL, you can achieve all these benefits seamlessly. 

Getting started   

The Hasura data connector for Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL marks a significant enhancement for developers seeking to build high-performance, scalable applications.

 We encourage you to explore this new connector and experience firsthand the benefits it brings to your development workflow. For more detailed instructions and support, please visit Hasura’s connector hub site.



For more information on Hasura DDN, visit their website

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