Strengthen cybersecurity with an enterprise risk mindset

Karina Homme

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues facing federal Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Evolving security is recognized across the board as an important challenge that needs to be addressed swiftly and in a continuous fashion.

Security is always top of mind for CIOs, and one of the major challenges of introducing new technology is ensuring that security considerations are addressed. Gartner includes a number of recommendations in their whitepaper Top Seven Priorities for U.S. Federal CIOs.

Cloud-based systems offer advanced threat analytics that allow for broader threat detection, thereby enabling organizations to manage security risks proactively. Cloud-based security tools also increase user visibility, allowing organizations to see who is accessing what information, when and how. This greater visibility allows CIOs to see if security checks are in fact doing what they are supposed to do.

Microsoft Azure Government gives CIOs the tools they need to mitigate security issues and reach compliance requirements more effectively. With Azure Government, customers also get data loss prevention that isn’t possible with onsite data storage. Azure’s loss prevention measures stop data from leaving a secure environment. This is done with key management and encryption that allows for continuous protection whether data is at rest or in motion.

Azure Government comes equipped with tools to ensure agencies meet national security requirements such as HIPAA and the FBI’s standards set out in the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Policy. Only Azure Government meets the highest federal security standards, including FedRAMP High and DoD Level 5 and 6. With Azure Government, your agency is inherently more secure than it would be with any other cloud provider.

Take a deeper look into how Federal CIOs can gain traction with cybersecurity and information security in Gartner’s Top Seven Priorities for U.S. Federal CIOs.


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