Solution accelerator for knowledge mining available for Azure Government

Sreedhar Mallangi

US government agencies can jumpstart their development projects to help meet mission demands with Azure Cognitive Search using our Knowledge Mining Solution Accelerator for Azure Government.

Knowledge mining is an emerging category in artificial intelligence (AI) using a combination of AI services to drive content understanding over vast amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data allowing organizations to deeply understand their information, explore it, uncover insights, and find relationships and patterns at scale

With every government organization having volumes of data, the Knowledge Mining Solution Accelerator can help agencies to quickly create cognitive search solutions as well as learning how to better understand how to use cognitive search for organizations’ unique needs.

The solution accelerator includes multiple important features and capabilities – use it with your own data, customizable UI – graph visualization, colors, logos for customization, and many more to include:

  • Bring your own data: Upload your files right from the web search interface and create demos or proof of concepts in minutes
  • Graph visualization with customization by facet
  • Logos and layout customization: Adapt the solution for any organization you want
  • Integration with Knowledge Store for advanced analytics
  • Dynamic facet detection with automatic web interface update
  • 1-click deployment, a single PowerShell command
  • Synonyms management (ability to add/update synonyms from web UI)

How to get started

The Knowledge Mining Solution Accelerator comes with sample data or you can leverage your specific content. You can deploy the solution with:

  1. Single click deployment using the PowerShell
  2. Deploy from the portal using the predefined ARM template, configure the Search index as per your requirements and publish the web app. This option is helpful if you want to customize Search schema and the web app.

The solution accelerator comes with a preconfigured skill set. You can always extend this by adding built-in and custom skills to the enrichment pipeline.

  • Built-in skills are regularly updated, and we recommend taking advantage of those available that meet your needs.
  • Custom skills in this GitHub repository are maintained and contain several custom skills. Note that while many of these skills can run in Azure Gov (e.g., analyze form), some require customization.

Next steps

The Knowledge Mining Solution Accelerator was developed by Microsoft’s Federal Customer Success Unit and Cognitive Search Product Group.


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