Elevating the Value of the CIO

Karina Homme

As the Microsoft Azure Government federal lead partnering with CIOs, I’m often asked: “What are the top priorities for modernizing government?” With new legislation empowering CIOs to take a greater leadership role in transforming the business of government, we’re seeing new opportunities to innovate while reducing technology debt

A recent report from Gartner Top Seven Priorities for U.S. Federal CIOs recommends they “assert their right to a seat at the executive table” as key strategists in moving government forward. This includes (1) convincing executive stakeholders of the business and mission value of information and technology and (2) the need to provide leadership on how government agencies can effectively and securely implement a digital transformation strategy.

A common challenge CIOs face is demonstrating how, through cloud technology, they can deliver better services and advance their agency’s mission. Recommended strategies include building a business case based on mission priorities, revisiting and refreshing strategic and operational plans to reflect current circumstances, and strengthening executive alliances to overcome resistance to change.

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To learn more, read Gartner’s Top Seven Priorities for U.S. Federal CIOs key strategies to gain influence and elevate the value of IT in government.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing a handful of additional thought leadership whitepapers to help government agencies accelerate innovation and reduce legacy technology debt. We’d love to hear your feedback and any additional topics you’d like us to cover.

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