Announcing the beta release of Spring Cloud Azure versions 6.0.0 Beta 3 and Beta 4

Jimmy Fang

Yonghui Ye

This is the first release of Spring Cloud Azure version 6.x, and it’s also the first version to support Spring Framework 6.0 and Spring Boot 3.0. By reading the two blogs of Spring Framework 6.0 goes GA and Spring Boot 3.0 Goes GA, you can find that there are many new features in the released spring boot 3 and spring framework 6, some highlights include:

  • Upgraded baseline Java version to Java 17
  • Replaced Java EE with Jakarta EE
  • Introduces a foundation for Ahead-Of-Time transformations

The Spring Cloud Azure team has been busy on this as well, and you can now use Spring Cloud Azure 6.0-beta4 with Spring Boot 3. We’re pleased to announce that Spring Cloud Azure versions 6.0.0 Beta 3 and Beta 4 have been released. For a complete list of changes, see the release notes.

Notable changes in this release

  • The 6.0.0 Beta3 release upgrades Spring Boot dependencies version to 3.0.0-RC1 and Spring Cloud dependencies version to 2022.0.0-RC1
  • The 6.0.0 Beta4 release upgrades Spring Boot dependencies version to 3.0.0-RC2 and Spring Cloud dependencies version to 2022.0.0-RC2
  • Delete the artifact spring-cloud-azure-trace-sleuth(#31543)

Spring Cloud Azure Autoconfigure

The following features added, bug fixes, and breaking changes are included in the spring-cloud-azure-autoconfigure module.

Features Added

  • Remove warning logs of Kafka passwordless autoconfiguration #31182
  • Enhance the Azure AD Resource Server configurer to accept the custom jwt granted authorities converter #28665

Bugs fixed

  • JacksonHttpSessionOAuth2AuthorizedClientRepository.getAuthorizedClients returns an unmodifiable Map (#31190)
  • RestTemplate used to get access token should only contain two converters (#31482)
  • RestOperations isn’t well-configured when jwkResolver is null(#31218)
  • Duplicated “scope” parameter (#31191)
  • NimbusJwtDecoder still uses RestTemplate() instead RestTemplateBuilder (#31233)
  • Proxy setting not working in Azure AD B2C web application (31593)
  • NoClassDefFoundError for JSONArray (31716)
  • spring.main.sources configuration from Spring Cloud Stream Kafka binder can’t take effect (#31715)

Breaking changes

  • Delete the class (#31543)
  • Delete the class (#31543)
  • Delete the class (#31543)
  • Delete the class (#31543)
  • Delete the AuthorizationGrantType.PASSWORD support (#31543)
  • Delete the auto configuration for Spring Cloud Sleuth support (#31543)
  • Use the com.nimbusds.jwt.proc.DefaultJWTClaimsVerifier#DefaultJWTClaimsVerifier(com.nimbusds.jwt.JWTClaimsSet, java.util.Set<java.lang.String>) instead of com.nimbusds.jwt.proc.DefaultJWTClaimsVerifier#DefaultJWTClaimsVerifier() (#31543) Use the org.springframework.http.ResponseEntity#getStatusCode instead of org.springframework.http.ResponseEntity#getStatusCodeValue (#31543)
  • Use an abstract configurer AbstractHttpConfigurer instead of (#31543)
  • Use the annotation instead the (#31808)
  • Use the class instead of (#31808)
  • Move Key Vault environment classes for internal usage to the implementation package #32428
  • Delete properties: spring.jms.serviebus.username, spring.jms.serviebus.password and spring.jms.serviebus.remote-uri #32465

Dependency upgrades

This release upgraded to the following dependency versions:

  • Azure SDK BOM 1.2.7
  • Azure Core 1.34.0
  • Azure Cosmos 4.39.0
  • Azure Data App Configuration 1.3.9
  • Azure Messaging Service Bus 7.13.0
  • Azure Messaging Event Hubs 5.15.0
  • Azure Security Key Vault Certificates 4.4.2
  • Azure Security Key Vault Secrets 4.5.2
  • Azure Storage Blob 12.20.1
  • Azure Storage File Share 12.16.1
  • Azure Storage Queue 12.15.1
  • Azure Spring Data Cosmos DB 3.31.0-beta.1


As always, we welcome feedback and contributions. Reach out to us on StackOverflow or GitHub.


Here’s a list of links that are helpful to learn more about Spring Cloud Azure:


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