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Cyrus S. Bamji received his SBs in Mathematics and EECS, and his SM and PhD (in 1989) in EECS from MIT. His early work was in the area of Electronic Design Automation where he won several best paper awards and wrote a book on Hierarchical Compaction Techniques. He is the inventor of over 74 patents most in the field of Time of Flight (TOF). He was the CTO and a co-founder of Canesta a TOF company acquired by Microsoft in 2010. He now leads a team developing next generation TOF technologies at Microsoft.

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Intro to Microsoft Time Of Flight (ToF)

Brief: 3D vision sensing is very different than 2D imaging and time of flight is an effective technique to develop accurate object depth maps.      I have never created a Facebook or Twitter account, and this is my 1st ever blog post. I started working on Time of Flight (ToF) circa 2000 and ToF has been my passion and some would say my ...