The What, Why, and How of Mobile DevOps with Visual Studio App Center

Lacey Butler

With constant operating system releases, ever-shifting user expectations, and new form factors launching every year, making sure your apps are high-quality, take advantage of the latest technology, and deliver features that win users’ loyalty can feel like multiple full-time jobs.

The solution: mobile DevOps and automation, so you’re freed to focus on building new features and improving your users’ experience, not manual processes. Enter Visual Studio App Center, which brings all the cloud-hosted services you need to simplify and automate your Android, iOS, UWP, and macOS development pipeline into one easy-to-use service.

To help you get started with Visual Studio App Center and apply mobile DevOps to your development pipeline, Greg Shackles, Principal Engineer at Olo, Xamarin MVP, and Microsoft MVP, shares his experiences and advice for developers, from beginner to advanced, based on his work on 150+ apps for major brands. His Visual Studio App Center blog series includes step-by-step guidance and best practices for setting up continuous builds and automated UI testing, deploying to testers and app stores, and capturing and analyzing real-time analytics.

Read Greg’s series to implement, or improve, end-to-end mobile DevOps:

If you haven’t already, create your free Visual Studio App Center account here, connect your first app, and start shipping better apps now.

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