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Exposure Notification API Support for Xamarin Apps

Announcing the first preview of Exposure Notification APIs for devices. Read through to get a full breakdown of what APIs are available and our first preview of a full cross-platform API for Xamarin developers.

Social Authentication with Xamarin.Essentials and ASP.NET Core

Many apps require adding user authentication, and this often means enabling your users to sign in their existing Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and now Apple Sign In accounts. With Xamarin.Essentials' new WebAuthenticator and using ASP.NET Core on your backend it has never been easier. Learn more!

A Quick Update on Google Components for iOS and Android

A quick update on libraries and technical work our team has been doing to keep up to date with Google recently updating their APIs across iOS and Android including Google Play services and AndroidX.

Augmented Reality in Xamarin.Android with ARCore

New & Improved Google Play Services for Android

Bring Android Pay to Your Apps with Stripe

Keep Users from Leaving Your App with Chrome Custom Tabs

Put Some Cyanogen in Your Xamarin Apps

Creating Connected App Experiences with App Links

Your Xamarin App in the Living Room with Amazon Fire TV