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Paul DiPietro is a Program Manager at Microsoft In his spare time, he enjoys keeping up with his favorite sports or playing video games, so long as as his cats and dogs aren't wreaking havoc.

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Xamarin.Forms 4.3 is live! Introducing CollectionView

Announcing the stable release of Xamarin.Forms 4.3.0! Marking the removal of the experimental flag from CollectionView as it moves into stable status. Along with this, comes a number of enhancements and contributions from the community including SourceLink support, the ability to display HTML on Labels, and more!

CarouselView Challenge Wrap-up

After the first prerelease of Xamarin.Forms 4.3 we asked you to participate in the CarouselView Challenge as a follow-up to the CollectionView Challenge. Now we look back on this challenge and report everything that we learned.

Xamarin.Forms 4.3 Prerelease and the CarouselView Challenge

Today we’re announcing the first prerelease of Xamarin.Forms 4.3 which includes CarouselView’s implementation, based on CollectionView, and can provide unique functionality within your apps. Plus - a new Xamarin challenge!

Xamarin.Forms 4.2.0 Hits GA & CollectionView Updates

Today have released Xamarin.Forms 4.2 for general availability, which is packed full of great new features for Shell and awesome community contributions that you are going to love. Additionally, read up on the latest happenings with the development of CollectionView and it's status.

Xamarin.Forms 4.0 CollectionView Challenge 

We’ve just published a new pre-release of Xamarin.Forms 4.0 which includes the very latest features and improvements for both CollectionView and Shell. Update today via your NuGet package manager. Try out this new CollectionView Challenge that focuses on the upcoming CollectionView in Xamarin.Forms 4.0!