WPF or Windows Forms CodePlex projects can now be installed via ClickOnce


Hi WPFers – As a pretty big ClickOnce fan, I’m super excited to see the most requested feature now available for CodePlexers. 

Try it out and let us know what you think!

@Rob Relyea

They announced the release yesterday:

How to deploy your codeplex project with clickonce

If you have a codeplex project (WPF or Windows Forms), please go take advantage of it. If you have a favorite project that you’d like to be able to install more easily, please ask the project owners to do it. 

ClickOnce Releases – 

With today’s release, we are happy to announce that our #1 most requested feature, hosting ClickOnce applications directly from the CodePlex website, is now available for all projects! For those that are not familiar with ClickOnce, it is a .NET deployment technology that enables a user to install and run a Windows application by simply clicking a link from a web page. ClickOnce applications are also inherently self-updating, as they check for newer versions as they become available. ClickOnce applications are also “low-impact”, in other words, they do not need administrative rights to install, only install for the current user, and are isolated from other ClickOnce applications.

Since there is no direct way of publishing your ClickOnce application to CodePlex from within Visual Studio, we have attempted to make the process as simple as possible. The next few sections will walk you through the preparation and publishing, and ultimately creating a ClickOnce release on CodePlex.

My name is Ted Hu, a Senior Program Manager for the WPF Team.  
I love hearing from customers – please let me know what you think!



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