UPDATE: Microsoft Ribbon for WPF October 2010


Here is the October 2010 update for the Microsoft Ribbon for WPF. This update contains the latest product changes and fixes for the WPF Ribbon. You can download the latest ribbon here.

We’ve made a few changes to the WPF Ribbon you might be interested in…

  • Upon the installation of this latest update to the WPF Ribbon we install 2 copies. One that version that targets .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and another that targets .NET Framework 4. This allows us to take greater advantage of some of the new features in .NET Framework 4.
  • Our WPF Ribbon and its samples, which also target .NET Framework 4.0, can also take advantage of ClearType in WPF and provide a better text rendering experience for your WPF applications.
  • Our WPF Ribbon will now work with Visual Studio 2010 Express versions.

In addition, we have also fixed quite a few bugs reported by the community of WPF Ribbon developers. Here are the highlights:

  • Stylistic Fixes: We have addressed a few style type changes that our customers have pointed out to us, including but not limited to:
    • Ribbon Title is bottom-aligned when it should be centered
    • Ribbon Gallery Item does not stretch to fit its Parent Panel
    • Ribbon Split Button is only half-highlighted when users mouse over the button
    • Ribbon Contextual Tab header text is getting truncated if too long
  • Rendering Fixes: We have also addressed some issues with rendering of the Ribbon that customers have pointed out to us. Here are the highlights:
    • After removing all items from the Quick Access Toolbar, phantom items remain visible
    • A minimized Ribbon will render on top of the window when a Popup is opened
    • Rendering artifacts observed when Ribbon is used in conjunction with interop components such as WindowsFormsHost
    • System Icon, Title and Quick Access Toolbar are not displayed correctly when Ribbon Windows is maximized
    • For a more detailed list of the fixes in this update, click here.

Now that we’ve updated the WPF Ribbon, I’m sure that some of you are wondering what is next for the WPF Ribbon. To find out more, click here.

And finally, much of what drove our work for this update was feedback directly from our users, please keep that feedback coming. It is your feedback that will determine our work on the WPF Ribbon.

WPF Ribbon Team




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