Microsoft XAML Toolkit CTP – July 2010


We have just released the Second CTP of the XAML Tool Kit.

There is still some work to do before the XAML Toolkit is at full release quality, so this is still labeled as a CTP. However, we are confident that it is stable, usable, and suitable for the majority of usage scenarios and can be used, at your discretion, in production apps (in accordance with the updated licensing terms).
There have been lots of issues fixed and  improvements to the XAML Toolkit since the November 2009 CTP and we intend to further improve it from customer feedback on this release. We invite you to try it out and let us know what you think!

The XAML Toolkit bits are available here.


Features of the XAML Toolkit
  • XamlDom – A XAML DOM that is LINQ friendly.  Enables easy static analysis.
  • XAML FxCop integration – You can run FxCop rules that analyze your XAML against rules.
  • XAML FxCop rule authoring – A BaseXamlRule implementation that allows you to write custom FxCop rules that target XAML.  We’re also shipping a couple of simple ones including a ValidationRule that will validate your XAML.
  • SilverlightSchemaContext – A XamlSchemaContext that allows System.Xaml to parse Silverlight XAML for tools use.
What’s New in the XAML Toolkit CTP – July 2010
  • The UISchemaContext has been removed.
  • The SilverlightSchemaContext now supports Silverlight Version 3.0, 4.0 and Phone 7.
  • A SilverlightAssemblyHelper static class has been added to help with loading the correct Silverlight schema version.
  • License terms permit usage in live operating environments (with some restrictions) and distribution of the toolkit binaries. Please see the Microsoft XAML Toolkit License Terms for full details.


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