Introducing Microsoft Ribbon for WPF


They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So here are some to whet your appetite. Read next post to get started using the WPF Ribbon. Pete Brown’s blog post about the WPF Ribbon makes an interesting read as well.


WPF Ribbon Application VS 2010 Project Template


WPF Ribbon Application Blend 4 Project Template


Simple WPF Ribbon Application UI built using the Project Template



WPF Ribbon Window Item Template


WPF Ribbon elements in the VS Toolbox


Edit Ribbon element properties in VS Property Editor



Office Word like UI using WPF Ribbon


Office Word like UI in a WPF Browser Application


RibbonApplicationMenu in a WPF Ribbon


RibbonQuickAccessToolbar in a WPF Ribbon


RibbonContextualTabGroups in a WPF Ribbon


RibbonMenuButtons containing RibbonMenuItems


RibbonMenuItem containing RibbonGallery and RibbonMenuItems


RibbonSplitButton containing RibbonGallery and RibbonMenuItems


RibbonComboBox containing a RibbonGallery and previewing changes


RibbonGallery with filtering


RibbonGallery with hover zoom


RibbonGallery with resizing


RibbonTabs with scrolling


RibbonGroups with scrolling


Minimized Ribbon


Collapsed Ribbon 


Rich RibbonToolTips






WPF Ribbon under High Contrast settings



WPF Ribbon under Right-to-Left settings



Colorized WPF Ribbon



WPF Ribbon UI Automation Tree


Read next post to get started using the WPF Ribbon.




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