Jacques van Rhyn

Program Manager, Graphics

Senior Program Manager on the DirectML Team at Microsoft.

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Announcing preview support for Llama 2 in DirectML

At Inspire this year we talked about how developers will be able to run Llama 2 on Windows with DirectML and the ONNX Runtime and we've been hard at work to make this a reality. We now have a sample showing our progress with Llama 2 7B! See https://github.com/microsoft/Olive/tree/main/examples/directml/llama_v2 This sample relies on ...

DirectML ❤ Stable Diffusion

Text-to-image models are amazing tools that can transform natural language into stunning images. Stable Diffusion is particularly interesting. The base model can create images from text and since it’s open-source developers can customize it for their own needs and preferences. With some extra training, developers can fine-tune their model to...
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