Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 now available!

We’re excited to announce that the first preview release of Visual Studio 2022 is ready to install! This is the first release of a 64-bit Visual Studio and we’d love for you to download it, try it out, and join us in shaping the next major release of Visual Studio with your feedback.

Our key goal with this preview is to test and tune the scalability of the new 64-bit platform! With the new 64-bit platform Visual Studio is now capable of scaling to make use of all the system resources you have to improve the reliability of Visual Studio especially when working with complex solutions or using Visual Studio over long periods of time. The 64-bit conversion effort affects every part of Visual Studio, so the scope is much bigger than our usual previews.

We know that you expect quality, stability, and scalability from Visual Studio. And to be totally transparent, the quickest way for us to get there is when real developers like you tell us where we can improve. We really do pay attention to every bug report, suggestion, and upvote! Which you can submit from inside Visual Studio via report a problem.

Report a problem with visual studio
Help us improve the quality and stability by reporting a problem within Visual Studio

The Visual Studio 2022 previews can be installed side-by-side with earlier versions of Visual Studio, are available in all three editions (Community, Pro, and Enterprise), and are free to use.

We need your feedback

We encourage you to try out the preview and use it just like Visual Studio 2019. We appreciate your time in providing feedback and completing in-product surveys, which are invaluable in making Visual Studio 2022 the best developer environment for you.

We would particularly love to hear about your experiences working with very large and complex solutions in Visual Studio 2022. Before the 64-bit upgrade, customers with this kind of solution would sometimes experience issues with Visual Studio as it ran out of memory to use in the main 32-bit process. During early testing of Visual Studio 2022, the same customers were able to run the IDE for days, even with solutions containing 700 (or more!) projects.

What’s coming

Because most of the Preview 1 upgrades have to do with 64-bit support, we’ll be releasing an exciting slate of new features and performance improvements starting in Preview 2. You can read all about those upcoming features on the Visual Studio roadmap. One new feature you can try right away is the update to IntelliCode – you can automatically complete code, up to a whole line at a time.

There’s still some work left in moving Visual Studio to 64-bit, and a small number of the features in Visual Studio 2019 are not included in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1. You can find a list of those upcoming features in the release notes.

During the Visual Studio 2022 preview, our partners who build the extensions that you use and love will be working to update their extensions. While they do that, their extensions won’t be available in Visual Studio 2022 right away.

The first preview of Visual Studio 2022 for Mac will be coming soon, giving you a first look at the new modern macOS UI for Visual Studio. We still have some work to do before we feel it’s ready for developer feedback and we’ll keep you updated on its progress here on the Visual Studio blog.

Calling all extension authors

If you make extensions, we want to help you get your extensions into Visual Studio 2022. To get you started, check out our guide to migrating your extensions to Preview 1.

Also! This Friday, June 18, you can watch Mads Kristensen, a senior PM on the Visual Studio team, demonstrate how to update extensions for Visual Studio 2022. The livestream starts here at 3 p.m. Pacific time:

We’ll continue to share details with our extension authors and maintainers as we get closer to the official product release for Visual Studio 2022. If you have any thoughts about how we can make this process better, you can share your thoughts on this short survey.

Help shape Visual Studio 2022

Take part in shaping Visual Studio 2022 by installing it, using it, taking part in surveys, and sharing your thoughts on Developer Community.


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  • Ioannis Alexopoulos

    Great stuff, it looks sharp and responsive, but the new Dark Theme and Icons looks horrendous compared to existing one. Also, the Git Experience is confusing. Amending a Commit is very unfriendly. Please do not abandon the Azure Dev Ops for GitHub. GitHub luck tons of functionality like Testing etc…

    • Pratik NadagoudaMicrosoft employee

      Hi, can you explain what is unfriendly about Amending, perhaps through a feature suggestion, so that we can diagnose and have a targeted conversation there. Also, we’re not abandoning Azure DevOps. We did prioritize building new GitHub features first in the early iterations while testing this new experience. But we hear the feedback loud and clear from Azure DevOps customers. So we’re planning to keep the existing and past Azure DevOps functionality in VS 2022.

  • Alejandro Escudero

    Nice. The first thing it did was to messed up my Unity installation. Awesome

  • Koby Kahane

    When is a release of the Windows Driver Kit that’s compatible with Visual Studio 2022 expected? In particular, the current WDK VSIX is incompatible.
    Perhaps more generally, why is the WDK still a completely separate download and not an individual component installable via the VS Installer like the Windows SDK is?

  • Andrew Truckle

    My MFC project built fine but the C# projects complained about Newson JSON conflicts between 4.0 and 4.2 and it refused to accept the signed PFX file.

  • lank b

    I just want to know when I can add a Chinese language pack, I think those Chinese people who are not familiar with English, will feel sad. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you, bro

  • Super Coco

    Really not fixed the unuseable New Project Dialog chaos mess replacing by the old tree based “New Project Dialog”?
    Really not fixed the unuseable modal Start Screen replacing by the old good Start Page?
    Really continue setting ON by default the “Compact Title Bar”?

    No one likes or demanded this New Project dialog or this new Start Screen: (Read the comments)

  • Eugene Ivanoff

    Still same bugs… Quick pressing Ctr+X makes VS hang. Almost always the VS icon in Task Bar disappears upon first project load. Closing and opening project makes icon appear. Awful coloring of Razor keywords in Razor cshtml files in new dark theme.

  • Cesar Armando Fong Espinola

    When i download the visual studio installer only shows me visual studio 2019 preview . i am running amd64 any help on this?

  • Jaroslav Smid

    Purchase model will remain same as VS 2019? Particulary, will perpetual license still be available? I would really hate being forced to any kind of subscription.