Multi-repo Support in Visual Studio

Taysser Gherfal

Have you ever needed to work on a solution with projects hosted on different Git repositories? Previously, you had to either use multiple instances of Visual Studio or rely on external Git tools. Starting with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3, you can enable the multi-repo support preview feature which will enable you to work with a single solution with projects in multiple repositories and contribute to them from a single instance of Visual Studio.

The easiest way to enable multi-repo support is to use CTRL+Q, type “preview” and open the preview features pane. Scroll to “Enable multi-repo support” and toggle the checkbox. This functionality is still a preview feature, which means we are working hard to add more support in the coming releases. In the meantime, we’re depending on your feedback, the community, to build what you need.

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Preview features pane in Visual Studio 2022 Preview


Open solution with projects in different repositories

If you already have a solution with projects hosted on different Git repositories, just open your solution using Visual Studio’s Start Window or using File > Open > Project/Solution and Visual Studio will automatically activate up to 10 repositories at the same time. You will be able to tell if Visual Studio has activated your different Git repositories by looking at the repository picker on the status bar (located at the lower right corner), which will tell you the number of active repositories you have. Active repositories show bolded on the repository picker.

Repository picker on the status bar
Repository picker on the status bar

You can also add projects hosted on different repositories to your existing solution by right clicking on your solution in Solution Explorer and selecting Add > Existing Project.


Committing Changes

The Git Changes Window will automatically track changes cross repositories. All you need to do is write a commit message and click the “Commit All Repos” button for all of your changes to be committed. You can also choose to stage your changes first which enables you to choose the repositories you would like to commit to. Alternatively, you can use the repository picker at the top of the Git Changes window to focus on and commit changes to one repository at a time.

Committing changes to multiple repositories
Committing changes to multiple repositories


Amend, Stash, Branch switching & Network operations

Multi-repo support for Amend, Stash, Branch switching and network operations including Pull, Push, Fetch and Sync is coming to the Git Changes window in future iterations. To use any of these operations now, you will have to use the repository picker to focus on one repository at a time. Alternatively, for branching you can rely on the Git Repository Window as demonstrated in the following section.

Using the repository picker to focus on a single repository
Using the repository picker to focus on a single repository


Branch & Repository Management

The Git Repository window recognizes all active repositories and provides cross repository browsing and management experience. You can preview, create, manage, and switch branches right from this window. Commit details, embedded diff and incoming/outgoing commits all function as they do with single repositories.

Git Repository Window Multi-repo Support
Git Repository Window Multi-repo Support


Let us know what you think

We have benefitted greatly from all the rich feedback we’ve received from you – thank you! We hope you’ll help us continue to improve by giving the new multi-repo preview feature a try and letting us know what you think by taking the following quick survey:


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  • rodro

    Is this feature also going to bind the SCM type to the Solution?
    We work with solutions that are managed by Subversion AND other solutions that are Git-based.
    Currently with VS up to 2019 we have to open a blank instance, go to preferences, change the SCM type, close VS, then finally double click on the solution that we need to open. It would be nice if VS knew that a certain solution uses a certain SCM.