Join us April 2nd for the Launch of Visual Studio 2019!

Amanda Silver


At Connect(); as little over two months ago, we released the first Visual Studio 2019 Preview. Based on your inputs, we’ve made several improvements to Visual Studio 2019 in our endeavor to make this the best Visual Studio yet. On behalf of our entire team, I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2019 on April 2, 2019 at the Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event.

Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event banner

Join us at our virtual event

Join us online on April 2 starting at 9 AM Pacific Time for demos and conversations centered around development with Visual Studio 2019, Azure DevOps, and GitHub. We’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re a developer who uses C#, C++, or Python or target the web, desktop, or cloud. And, of course, you’ll be one of the first who get to try out the Visual Studio 2019 release.

Scott Hanselman will kick off the day with an online keynote highlighting the newest innovations in Visual Studio. Be prepared to be delighted and ready to return to your coding even more productively than before! The keynote will be followed by several live-streamed sessions, hosted by experts with online Q&A, that dive deeper into various features and programming languages. We’ll close out the day with a virtual attendee party sponsored by our Visual Studio ecosystem partners, so make sure you stick around!

We’re also looking to team up with community organizers around the globe to organize local, in-person launch events between April 2 and the end of June. Check out the local events page for more details on how to host one of these events or to join local events around the globe. We’ll have supporting content available on GitHub and we’ll support your local event with swag if you let us know about it by March 1.

Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3

As we keep marching towards our launch, we are continuing our Visual Studio 2019 Preview releases. Yesterday we released Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3, which includes several improvements and fixes based on the feedback you provide through the Developer Community. Be sure to check out the release notes for all the details on this release.

Save the date

You can head over to today to get a glimpse of what we’ll be sharing and save the date using the calendar invite or sign up for updates via e-mail. We’ll update the site regularly with more information on the full agenda as well as additional speakers. Tell us about your Visual Studio journey so far and let us know what you’re excited to see using the #VS2019 on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you online!


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    Ryan White

    Thank you for the post. I look forward to the new updates coming to Visual Studio! 
    Hopefully, someone in the San Francisco Bay Area has some space/time to host.

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    Owen Elder

    Something for everyone!? I’m still waiting (since 2002) for VB6 Tooling in Visual Studio.  I accept the platfom is dead, but try to go back and be productive in that old IDE when you’re stuck doing maintenance.  I notice it’s still in the TIOBE top 20 – but where are F#, TypeScript and PowerShell?
    Hands down, one of the most frustrating things MS has done.

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    Kathleen DollardMicrosoft employee

    Re: Visual Basic.NET isn’t in this post…
    New versions of both C# and Visual Basic will release in the .NET Core 3.0 timeframe, not with Visual Studio 2019. So, the Visual Studio 2019 launch event is about features in Visual Studio – some of which target scenarios where Visual Basic.NET is not supported. Also, the majority of .NET users are C# users. 
    Most of the productivity features for C# in Visual Studio also apply to Visual Basic.NET.
    You can see our strategy for the next iteration of Visual Basic.NET here: 
    We continue to support and invest in Visual Basic.NET

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      Hitesh Davey

      That was a bad attempt to cover up the mistake (not mentioning VB.NET) committed deliberately. I am sure MS blogs are posted after proofreading. Kindly read the blog heading “Launch of VS2019″ and as per MS, VB.NET is the first-class citizen of the .NET ecosystem and I don’t see any real reason of omitting it.
      …”Also, the majority of .NET users are C# users.” and unfortunately this has become reality because MS is NOT doing enough justice to VB.NET language & developers community. Also the other fact is VB.NET users are more than the sum of all the users of F# & Phython in combined.

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      Michel Posseth

      What we ( VB.Net community ) notice is that VB mentionings are not there at all in all new postings from MSFT so it looks like we went from a first class citizen to ‘Cinderella’ status where MSFT is then the Stephmother and C# and F# are the siblings.( as our daddy , Paul Vick ) has left us behind with the Sharks who want to kill us. We thought we could maybe eat a few hours later, but at least were known to exist but they locked us up in the basement and threw away the key and when someone asks about Cinderella we move one of the 2 sisters forward, and do not mention Cinderella`s existence  ( at least that is how we feel )  To clarify :  I plan to use the Machine learning framework, but when I visited the project page I read this”ML.NET is a machine learning framework built for .NET developers.
      Use your .NET and C# or F# skills to easily integrate custom machine learning into your applications without any prior expertise in developing or tuning machine learning models.”  So …. Does MSFT now states that VB.Net can`t be used or isn`t a .Net Language?  LOL  ( I know better ) To me it looks like MSFT is doing it`t best to discourage the use of VB.Net , by erasing it`s existence from the various documentation pages but we do see mentions of how great everything is in Python and C++   ( who uses C++ with .Net ??, I used C++ last for coding on Atmel processors and many years ago to create boostrappers for VB6 you are IMO a fool if you use C++ for non low levell stuff use C# if you are a C++ dev ) What`s next ? MSFT promoting PHP and neglecting VB.Net ?? that would be a bigh laugh.Kathleen  I sure hope this was just another marketing blunder,  I have seen lots of them in my now + 20 years development career on the Microsoft stack. And this posting from Amanda Silver is in the top of hurtfull mistakes .And yes we VB.Net developers do use the newest technologies, even if we have to hack our way in 😉  or have to use a NON MSFT alternative as I mentioned because of your decissions at MSFT I am now also using NON MSFT technologies and products ( like Angular instead of razor , like R instead of the ML framework  )Last time I spoke with Anthony Green he told me that In-House developers ( I work for a Global Energy billing  company ) are mostly using VB and are the ones that Pay for the product ( we have the Enterprise version for all our developers ). Also you might also have a look at the latest Tiobe figures where VB.Net is rising and C# is declining for some weeks now I can code C# , C++ , PHP or whatever if i really need to , but I just love VB syntax  ( started with basic on 12 years of age on the CBM64 and I am now 45 ) I know there are a lot of people out there ( the responses are here to be seen ) , that have much love for VB .

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      Michel Posseth

      In the Current version of the preview I can`t reproduce it It happened by the way when copy pasting code, now It inmediatly corrects the casing with the delared variabel in a previous version it showed an error ( as if the variabel wasn`t declrared )

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    Mohammad Prince

    wired, I followed Amanda Silver on twitter, then I asked her a question: you don’t mention any news regarding VB.NET, does Microsoft discontinue it? .. then she blocked me .. does anyone know what is wrong?