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Visual Studio has been around since 1997 when it first released many of its programming tools in a bundle. Back then it came in 2 editions - Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Enterprise. Since then the family has expanded to include many more products, tools, and services.

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Making every developer more productive with Visual Studio 2019

Today, in the Microsoft Connect(); 2018 keynote, Scott Guthrie announced the availability of Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1. This is the first preview of the next major version of Visual Studio. In this Preview, we’ve focused on a few key areas, such as making it faster to open and work with projects stored in git repositories, improving ...

Qubits in Q#

How should qubits be represented in a quantum programming language? In the quantum circuit model, a quantum computation is represented as a sequence of operations, sometimes known as gates, applied to a set of qubits. This leads to pictures such as: In this picture, each horizontal line is a qubit, each box is an operation, and time flows ...

The Latest in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac – Version 7.7

Today, we are happy to share with you the next update to Visual Studio for Mac 2017. Version 7.7 incorporates much of your great feedback and is aimed at improving the core development experience for every project type from .NET Core to Xamarin and Unity. Below are just a few of the new features in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac 7.7 - for the full...

Learn Quantum Computing with the Quantum Katas

The brief history and the key principles of the Quantum Katas - self-paced programming tutorials aimed at teaching quantum computing with Q#.

Why do we need Q#?

Why we decided to develop Q#, a new language for quantum computing.

Q# Advent Calendar 2018

Share your stories and advice by guest authoring a post for Q#, a new quantum computing language.

Microsoft’s Developer Blogs are Getting an Update

Update: Launch is now scheduled for mid-November to ensure you have the best blog experience. We appreciate all of the feedback so far and we look forward to showing what we’ve been working on! In the coming days, we’ll be moving our developer blogs to a new platform with a modern, clean design and powerful features that will make it ...

Hyper-V Android emulator support

Today, at Build 2018, we announced a preview of the Google Android emulator that’s compatible with Hyper-V, available on the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. This enables developers with Hyper-V enabled on their machines to use a hardware accelerated Android emulator, without needing to switch to Intel’s HAXM hypervisor. Amazing work was done...

Visual Studio for Mac version 7.5 and beyond

Last year at Build, we launched Visual Studio for Mac, our native macOS IDE for developers building cloud, web, and mobile applications using .NET. Updates have been rolling out at a steady pace ever since, and we're excited to announce the release of Visual Studio for Mac version 7.5. We have also continued to bring more Visual Studio 2017 ...

Azure Storage Explorer Generally Available

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. Storage Explorer provides easy management of Azure Storage accounts and contents, including Blobs, Files, Queues, and Table entities. For example, you can easily manage your Azure Virtual Machines disks as Blobs. Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Data Lake are ...

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