Nathan Shively-Sanders


I work on the TypeScript compiler. I spend most of my time on `// @ts-check` -- JS support -- and Definitely Typed. Previously, I worked on the SCOPE compiler.

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How to Upgrade to TypeScript without anybody noticing, Part 2

This guide will show you how to fix Typescript compile errors in Javascript project that recently added Typescript support via a . It assumes that the  is configured according to the description in part 1 of this post, and that you also installed types for some of your dependencies from the  namespace. This guide is more of a list of ...
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How to Upgrade to TypeScript Without Anybody Noticing, Part 1

This guide will show you how to upgrade to TypeScript without anybody noticing. Well, people might notice — what I really mean is that you won’t have to change your build at all. You’ll have the ability to get errors and completions in supported editors and to get errors on the command line from tsc, the TypeScript compiler, but you won...