Srinivasan Rakhunathan

Senior Program Manager, Azure Identity CXP Engineering

Srini is a program manager working with the Identity CXP Engineering group. He works with customers to understand the ecosystem and architecture in which the Identity products like Azure AD, Azure AD B2B and Azure AD B2C have to deployed . Key responsibilities are to work with the product engineering team and customers to propose feature additions to the product.

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Role of Performance Engineering in Designing Energy Efficient Applications

(image) What is performance testing ? Performance engineering is a software engineering discipline that deals with the techniques, processes, and metrics to make our applications more performant. It is a technique by which we tune the code that we write by measuring against the nonfunctional requirements, such as performance under a ...

Adopting Azure serverless architectures to help reduce CO2 emissions – Part 2 (Extending to the Edge)

(image)   In the previous part of the serverless architecture post for the Contoso Claim processing application, we built two components. In this iteration, we will make the architecture more sustainable by using Edge computing. Edge computing is a paradigm that brings the compute, storage, and intelligence right down ...

Adopting Azure serverless architectures to help reduce CO2 emissions – Part 1

The article explains how serverless architectures can be used to enable sustainable software engineering principles. It takes a sample claim processing system and provides a thought process on how to use Azure serverless components like functions and Event grid to build out a reference architecture and showcase key design patterns.