Principal Engineering Manager

Paola started in Microsoft as a cloud solution architect on the Azure appdev realm, and is now managing a team of azure core engineers in the FastTrack For Azure org. When not working she enjoys heavy metal music while embarking in improbable DIY projects for her country house.

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The Carbon Monkey

applying chaos engineering to sustainable software to find a sweet spot that allows a differential measurement of the carbon impact of an application

A dapper sustainability

How a runtime open source project like Dapr can help make applications more sustainable, and call to action for developers to contribute with their work to a sustainable microservice that can measure and optimize the carbon impact of a Dapr application.

Reducing the carbon and financial cost of your cloud applications

In my job as a cloud architect working with large enterprises, there has always been a specific “moment of truth” when the customer realizes that cloud costs are something that needs to be monitored daily to avoid unpleasant surprises with the end of the month’s bill. (image) Enterprises can take several steps toward understanding cloud...