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Bring your Xamarin apps to Surface Duo

Xamarin developers can build and test dual-screen apps for the Surface Duo, using the available emulator and SDKs available via NuGet. The hinge angle and display mask can be queried to adapt your screen layouts, and there is a TwoPaneView Xamarin.Forms control that helps build responsive app designs that work on all device types.

The Surface Duo SDK Preview is getting an update – Feb 20,2020

Hello Dual Screen developers! We are proud to be part of this growing community and excited to share with you the latest on the #SurfaceDuo SDK front in these devblogs. Don’t forget to read our previous editions for additional Dev goodies, and let us know (feedback links below) on what else you would like us to cover. For today’s ...

Bring your app to Surface Duo

Hello Surface Duo developers! This is our second post as part of a series focused on how to bring your app to Surface Duo using the Surface Duo Preview SDK for developers. Figure 1: Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-screen preview SDKs On January 22nd we announced the availability of Surface Duo Preview SDK for developers. Our goal ...