Andrei Paval

Principal SW Engineer, Surface Duo Developer Experience

Andrei works on the Surface Duo Developer Experience team, where he enjoys writing low-level code for the Android Emulator, the Surface Pen, or tools related to AOSP.

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Dual-screen case study: Total Commander – file manager

Hello Android developers! We’re excited to announce that one of the most famous dual-pane apps of all time has been enhanced for Surface Duo dual-screen devices. Total Commander file manager’s iconic dual-pane design has been one of its most recognizable features, starting from its Windows roots and continuing on Android...

Microsoft Surface Duo Android Emulator update

Hello Android developers, We’re excited to announce the release of an updated Surface Duo Emulator that is based on Android 11 and runs as an Android Virtual Device (AVD), supporting different screen sizes for both Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 devices. Download now You can download the Surface Duo Emulator package from the ...

Android Emulator native host pen support

Hello Android developers! We’re excited to announce that version 30.8.3 of the Android Emulator now includes active pen support to let you test pen-specific features like pressure sensitivity, orientation, eraser tip, and input button! Pen support requires the emulator be running on a device with a specific pen digitizer ...