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The SQL Server Data Tools team is pleased to announce an update for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is now available. The SSDT 16.4 release adds support for Schema Compare in SqlPackage.exe and as an API, Integrated Workspace Mode for SSDT Tabular, and as usual has various bug fixes.

Update: SSDT 16.4.1 Hotfix release is available. This includes a fix for Connect Issue 3104154 to ensure Database Unit Tests work as expected.

Get it here:

Download SSDT GA 16.4.1 for Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2013

This release will be available through Visual Studio Extensions and Updates notification soon.

Download Data-Tier Application Framework 16.4

What’s new in SSDT?

Database Tools

Schema Compare is now supported in SqlPackage.exe and the Data-Tier Application Framework (DacFx) API. To learn more please read Schema Compare in SqlPackage and the Data-Tier Application Framework.

Analysis Services – Integrated Workspace Mode for SSDT Tabular (SSAS)

SSDT Tabular now includes an internal SSAS instance, which SSDT Tabular starts automatically in the background if integrated workspace mode is enabled so that you can add and view tables, columns, and data in the model designer without having to provide an external workspace server instance. Integrated workspace mode does not change how SSDT Tabular works with a workspace server and database. What changes is where SSDT Tabular hosts the workspace database. To enable integrated workspace mode, select the Integrated Workspace option in the Tabular Model Designer dialog box displayed when creating a new tabular project. For existing tabular projects that currently use an explicit workspace server, you can switch to integrated workspace mode by setting the Integrated Workspace Mode parameter to True in the Properties window, which is displayed when you select the Model.bim file in Solution Explorer.

For more information please read this Analysis Services blog post.

Fixed / Improved this month

Database Tools

Connect Issue 3104154 – Database Unit Test fails after installing SSDT 16.4

Connect Issue 3087775 – SSDT: temporal tables broken in VS Data Tools July update 14.0.60629.0, “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: reportedElement”

Connect Issue 1026648 – IsPersistedNullable shows as different in SSDT Comparison

Connect Issue 2054735 – Identity is reset when importing a BACPAC

Connect Issue 2900167 – Running SSDT unit tests leaves temp files behind

Connect Issue 1807712 – Backwards compatibility breakage – AppLocal and Nugetization

Analysis Services & Reporting Services

Fixed an issues in SSDT where error tip pop ups where in the way when editing DAX for DirectQuery calculated columns
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS tabular grid where the KPI Icon wasn’t showing in measure grid when Windows scaling factor set at high-DPI 200%+
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS where pasting large table data could make the tabular project unresponsive
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS tabular model editor to mark the model as needing to save changes when renaming connection friendly name
Fixed an issue in the SSDT AS tabular projects where width of columns in the manage relationships dialog could not be resized
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS tabular 1200-level models where pasting data from Excel with locale settings like German didn’t treat the comma as the decimal separator correctly
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS projects with some KPI icon sets which could yield an error “Couldn’t retrieve the data for this visual.”
Fixed an issue with SSDT AS project properties dialog to anchored correctly when resized at High-DPI scaling
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS projects that may have caused an error upgrading certain models with Pasted tables
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS where pasting full sheet rows from Excel was very slow and created many unwanted columns
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS where large static DataTable expressions parsing and highlight was really slow or appeared to hang
Fixed an issue in SSDT AS to add measures and KPI values to the current perspective selected in the editor
Fixed an issue in SSDT where data import into AS project from SQL Azure didn’t support schema types other than “dbo.”

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If you have any question or feedback, please ping @sqldatatools on twitter, visit our forum and for bugs please create bug reports on our Microsoft Connect page. We are fully committed to improve the SSDT experience and look forward to hearing from you!

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