SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (May 2013) Available


What’s new?

This update to the Data-Tier Application Framework (DACFx) addresses a high-priority issue causing potential data corruption during DAC Package creation. The issue is described below:

  • Scenario/Issue
    • Extracting a DACPAC with data or Exporting a BACPAC from a database containing tables that have VARBINARY columns with data larger than or equal to 4,116,480 bytes may experience data corruption in the resulting package.
    • The resulting DAC package may have different data than that in the original source database.
  • Symptom
    • Deploying a DACPAC or Importing a BACPAC created from a database matching the above characteristics may result in the table data in the target database being different from that in the original source.
  • Resolution
    • Install the updated release of DACFx available here to fix this issue.
    • Once the new version is installed, re-create the DAC packages for the databases that may have experienced this issue.

How can I get it?

You can obtain this new version of DACFx and its dependencies from our Microsoft Download Center page here. This version of DACFx supersedes all previously available versions. This new version of DACFx supports in-place upgrade from previous versions, so it is not required to remove previous DACFx installations before upgrading to this new release.

If you are on an x64 machine, you will need to install both the x64 and x86 versions of the MSIs from the DACFx May download page linked above. 

The version of this update is 11.1.2825.1. This supersedes the previously available March release (11.1.2824.1). You can determine which version of the Data-Tier Application Framework you currently have installed via Windows Add/Remove Programs.


This release of DACFx is fully compatible with the December 2012 release of  SQL Server Data Tools released on 12/13, available here. This release is also compatible with SSMS of SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 SP1.

If you experience any issues or have any feedback, please let us know via the forum or Connect.




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