New year; new ways to connect with the Semantic Kernel team!

Matthew Bolanos

Now that it’s 2024, the Semantic Kernel team has new ways for you to connect with the core team! If you are part of the Semantic Kernel community, you have two options to meet with us virtually: community office hours and kernel development syncs. Both are held every Wednesday with different options to make it easy for folks around the world to join.

The original calendar events were missing the meeting link necessary to join the kernel development syncs. Please redownload the calendar events to get the right join information.

Community office hours

During the Semantic Kernel community office hours, you can bring all of your burning questions to the Semantic Kernel team to get them answered. During this time, we will also showcase contributions by the community as well as the roadmap for Semantic Kernel.

Previously, we just had a single instance of the community office hours each week, but based on community feedback, we decided to create two sessions so it was easier for members from both APAC and Europe to join.

Audience Day Time Calendar link
Americas and Europe Every Wednesday starting on 1/10 8:00 – 9:00 AM PST Download calendar
Americas and APAC Every Wednesday starting on 1/17 6:00 – 7:00 PM PST Download calendar

This week (1/10) we will have our first instances of the morning slot. Next week, we’ll start the APAC series as well. If you can’t make either one of them, we’ll record the sessions and post them to YouTube so you can watch them later.

Kernel development syncs

We’re proud that both the Python and Java flavors of the SDK are heavily driven by the community. To make it easier to collaborate with everyone contributing back to the SDK, we’ll be starting weekly syncs that rotate between Python and Java. During these meetings, we’ll review the backlog and active PRs submitted by the community.

SDK Day Time Calendar link
Python Every other Wednesday starting on 1/10 9:00 – 9:30 AM PST Download calendar
Java Every other Wednesday starting on 1/17 9:00 – 9:30 AM PST Download calendar

This week we’ll start with Python so we can start planning for the v1.0 release of the Python SDK. Whether you are a veteran of creating PRs for Semantic Kernel or someone interested in submitting your first PR, we highly recommend you attend so we can make sure you’re well supported.

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    Fantastic – can’t wait to listen in tomorrow!

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