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Part 1 – Install Bash on Windows 10, OMI CIM Server, and DSC for Linux

Summary: Learn about the Windows Subsystem for Linux that runs on top of Windows 10. Today we have a guest article written by Stefan Roth. Take it away Stefan … Hi, my name is Stefan Roth, and I am a Cloud and Datacenter MVP. In a couple of posts, I would like to show you how cool it is that Microsoft is touching the Linux world. Myself, ...

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Part 3 – Use Azure Automation DSC to Configure Linux and execute PowerShell scripts

Summary: Learn how to configure and use PowerShell, Bash, and DSC with Linux. Hi, my name is Stefan Roth (Blog: / Twitter: @stefanroth_net), and I am a Cloud and Datacenter MVP. In my last post of this three-part series, I would like to show you how we are able to hook up the previously installed Linux system to Azure ...

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The Microsoft Build 2012 Event — .NET Framework Highlights

It was at the first BUILD conference last year that we announced the .NET Framework 4.5. BUILD last week was a big opportunity for us to reflect on the incredible things you can do with .NET 4.5 and Windows 8. It was also a place where we could launch the great new things now available in Windows Phone 8. Christine Ruana is the project ...