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Sample XPath utility for Coded UI Test

Some important notes before I talk about the utility - The attached sample utility adds support for XPath query to Coded UI Test for searching controls.  The utility uses built-in XPath parser and other classes of .NET and as such is conformant to .NET’s XPath Syntax.  The new utility assembly adds two extension ...

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Community DevOps

What's New in the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 11 Developer Preview

This post provides an overview of most (but I don't promise ALL!) of the new tools, features, and enhancements available in the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 11 Developer Preview: For a tutorial that illustrates several of these new features by following a fictitious team as they incrementally adopt Visual Studio as its ...

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Admin & Licensing Agile

Coded UI Test - New Extensibility QFE

Coded UI Test team has developed an extension model for enabling custom control identification, record and playback of automation tests using Coded UI Test. This hotfix will be available on top of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1). The experience while writing a new plugin for custom controls has now become much simpler ...

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CI/CD Community

Guidelines on improving performance of Coded UI Test playback

In this blog post I’ll go through some approaches you can make use of in your Coded UI Test project to achieve better playback performance. Meanwhile, do check an earlier post here that covers some common scenarios.  As I see, there are lot of APIs and settings available that the Coded UI Test user can leverage to hand-code a more ...

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