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Using multi-stage containers for C++ development

Updated January 10, 2020: Corrected link to article source that was broken by refactoring in the repo. Containers are a great tool for configuring reproducible build environments. It’s fairly easy to find Dockerfiles that provide various C++ environments. Unfortunately, it is hard to find guidance on how to use newer techniques like multi...

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Use the official Boost.Hana with MSVC 2017 Update 8 compiler

We would like to share a progress update to our previous announcement regarding enabling Boost.Hana with MSVC compiler. Just as a quick background, Louis Dionne, the Boost.Hana author, and us have jointly agreed to provide a version of Boost.Hana in vcpkg to promote usage of the library among more C++ users from the Visual C++ community. We've...

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Pure Virtual C++ 2021 is Today

Pure Virtual C++, a free one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community, is starting today (May 3rd) at 14:30 UTC. You can watch it and interact with the speakers at Learn TV. There'll be sessions on C++20 modules, CMake, vcpkg, and code analysis. All of our pre-conference demos, including what's new in C++20 support in MSVC, ...

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Pure Virtual C++ 2021 Schedule Available

The schedule for Pure Virtual C++ 2021 is now live on the event website. Remember to sign up to be the first to access our extra on-demand C++ demos and get more virtual surprises. Schedule All times are on Monday 3rd May 2021 UTC. Abstracts and speaker bios are available on the website...

Sign Up for the Pure Virtual C++ 2021 Conference

Last year we ran the first Pure Virtual C++, a free one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. This May we're doing it again! Sign-up for free on the website to be the first to hear about our program schedule, access our extra on-demand C++ demos, and get more virtual surprises. The live event will run May 3rd 14:30-17:30 ...

Binary Compatibility and Pain-free Upgrade: Why Moving to Visual Studio 2017 is almost "too easy"

Visual Studio 2017 is a major leap forward in terms of C++ functionality compared with VS 2015. We hope the new release will delight you in your day-to-day job as soon as you can upgrade. This blog post focuses on the steps needed to upgrade from Visual Studio 2015 to 2017. As promised in our BUILD 2016 talk "6 reasons to move your C++ code ...

Microsoft C++ Team at ACCU 2021

Sy Brand and Erika Sweet from the Microsoft C++ Team will be presenting at ACCU 2021 this week. Come say hi in the virtual conference space and let us know if you have any questions about our talks, products, or anything else. We also recommend dropping by the #include <C++> table in the expo hall to learn more about their ...

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