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Registries: Bring your own libraries to vcpkg

Special thanks to Nicole Mazzuca for providing the content of this blog post. Are you working on a C++ project with library dependencies? Are you tired of maintaining a custom-built package management workflow with duct tape and git submodules? Then you should consider trying out a package manager. Perhaps you have been side-eyeing vcpkg ...

How to start using registries with vcpkg

For many users of vcpkg, the built-in repository of packages is completely sufficient. If you only need public, non-experimental libraries, the default vcpkg registry is completely fine. However, once you go outside of this world - once you have company-internal libraries, or you want to use experimental libraries, the recommended solution is ...

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Serial and Zephyr support for Visual Studio and VS Code

We are continuing to improve our embedded development support in Visual Studio and VS Code. We have recently introduced a serial monitor and RTOS support for Zephyr. These capabilities are present in Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 1 as part of the Linux and embedded development workload. The Embedded Tools extension for VS Code also includes these...

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Vcpkg: introducing installation options with Feature Packages

We are happy to announce a new feature for vcpkg in version 0.0.103: Feature Packages. Vcpkg is a package manager to help acquiring and building open source libraries on Windows; vcpkg currently offers over 600 C++ libraries available for VS2017 and VS2015. With Feature Packages you have more control over how you build a library as you can ...

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Vcpkg: Introducing the upgrade command

If you’re just getting started and want to learn more about vcpkg, check out our initial post. We recently added a new option to vcpkg (i.e. vcpkg contact --survey) to provide a direct way to share your feedback with the Vcpkg team. A big thank you to those of you that shared your thoughts and suggestions with the team through this new ...

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New Feature Vcpkg

Vcpkg: 2019.06 Update

The 2019.06 update of vcpkg, a tool that helps you manage C and C++ libraries on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, is now available. This is the first time we’ve created a vcpkg release on our GitHub repository. This update is designed to bring you a summary of the new functionality and improvements made to vcpkg over about a month’s time. The ...

Vcpkg: 2019.07 Update

The 2019.07 update of vcpkg, a tool that helps you manage C and C++ libraries on Windows, Linux, and macOS, is now available. This update is a summary of the new functionality and improvements made to vcpkg over the past month. Last month was the first time we created a vcpkg release (Vcpkg: 2019.06 Update). In this post, we will cover ...

Vcpkg: Using multiple enlistments to handle multiple versions of a library

Vcpkg allows you to acquire and build 3rd party libraries on Windows. Once cloned, the vcpkg directory (enlistment) provides a stable set of libraries that are all compatible and based on the latest published version of these libraries. Occasionally, you may need different versions of the same library. By design, you can’t have two different...

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