The Scripting Wife Finds Beginner Event 9 Pretty Easy (2010)


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Today the Scripting Guys revealed Event 9, which is the next-to-last event of the 2010 Scripting Games. We still have tomorrow and next week to submit our scripts for Events 5-10 though! I was beginning to dread today because the events have been getting harder. But I guess today’s event was pretty easy. The Study Guide talked about using arrays, so I knew it was pretty easy to add two arrays. In fact, it is really easy to create arrays in Windows PowerShell. I was concerned about how to get a unique output, and I wasted a decent amount of time using the Get-Member cmdlet and trying to see if there was something that would help me, but that did not work very well. Then I went to MSDN and looked for “remove duplicate entries PowerShell” and those results were even worse. Then it dawned on me. “Well, duh! If I want to remove duplicate entries, I want unique items.” I then used the help for Windows PowerShell and looked for “unique” and I found what I needed to use. It really seems to me that the hardest thing about using Windows PowerShell is figuring out what I need to do. After that, it is pretty easy.

I got my script submitted, and I checked the leaderboard. I am #42 right now! I am going to send this in e-mail to Ed, so he can look it over and upload it to Craig for editing and for posting. Then the really important stuff: I have to go get my hair done and do some running around town. So I am outta here. See you tomorrow.


Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson here. It’s Day 9 of the 2010 Scripting Games; the events are almost all revealed! Keep in mind that Event 4 is due at 11:59 P.M. tonight, Event 5 is due tomorrow at 11:59 P.M., and Events 6–10 are due next Monday through Friday. You have time to finish more scripts and submit them! Did you know that with more than a week left, we already have 50 percent more submissions than last year? Woohoo!

Check out the due dates page, for more information. Let me invite you to continue to keep up with the 2010 Scripting Games by following us on Twitter or Facebook. If you have any questions during the Games, send e-mail to us at or post your questions on the 2010 Scripting Games Forum. Check back later today for the latest leaderboard and prize winners.


Ed Wilson and Craig Liebendorfer, Scripting Guys