The Scripting Wife Figures Out Beginner Event 5 (2010)

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Well, today’s Beginner Event 5 was not too hard, but I did have to spend some time thinking about. I had no idea how to go about finding information for this event. So I went to MSDN and did a search for “CPU speed.” (I am not exactly sure what “CPU” stands for, but I think that is what makes your computer go fast or slow—kind of like the size of your motor. But because the event says find the CPU speed, I figured MSDN would know what I was talking about, even if I don`t know what I am talking about. Clear as mud?)

You might think that my query would return helpful information. Well, it does and it doesn`t. It all depends on your geek factor. My geek factor, hovering near zero, was appalled. I found an article that looked promising that talked about using different ways to find the processor speed, but it was a bit confusing. So I decided to go bug the Scripting Guy.

He told me I would need to use WMI to get this information. So I added WMI to my search string (“CPU speed WMI”), and the same old article came back up. Then there were a few articles telling me that things don’t work, and finally I saw an article that talked about WMI tasks. I opened it.  Everything was in VBScript, but the article described different things you might need to do, and one of the tasks was finding the processor speed. The article told me which WMI class to use. It even had a hyperlink to the class for more information.

Anyway, I found the information I needed in MSDN, and I got my script to work. If I didn`t have my own personal Script Monkey, I guess I would have gone to the Scripting Guys Forum and asked how I could find the information. I know from talking with the Scripting Guy, I need to tell them that I searched on MSDN and was not able to find out what I needed. In addition, I should tell them I do not want them to write it for me, but just to point me in the way I should go.


Ed Wilson and Craig Liebendorfer, Scripting Guys


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