The 2011 Scripting Games Beginner Event 1: Use PowerShell to Identify Private Builds of Software


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Summary: Beginner Event 1 of the 2011 Scripting Games uses Windows PowerShell to identify private or public builds of software.

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Date of Event

4/4/2011 12:01 AM

Due Date

4/11/2011 12:01 AM

Event scenario

You are the network administrator for a large multinational company with a Premier Services Contract with the Microsoft Corporation. Because of your contract, you have received a private build of a specific application that has a compatibility issue with your custom application. In preparation for your server upgrade to Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2008 R2, your boss has asked you to identify which servers are running this private build of the application. For the purposes of this scenario, you can use the notepad.exe process. You should report the computer name, the process name (Notepad) and whether or not Notepad is a private build. You must report the actual computer name and not something generic like “localhost” because this will facilitate logging later.

The minimum requirement is code to determine if Notepad is a private build or not. Additional information in the output is not acceptable due to logging requirements. An acceptable output is shown here.

Image of command output

Design points
  • Extra points for the ability to scan more than one computer
  • Extra points for the ability to scan for programs other than Notepad
  • Extra points for reusable code

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