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Start-Automating is the premiere Windows PowerShell services provider. Start-Automating helps you start scripting and use Windows PowerShell to automate your world. Start-Automating provides the following Windows PowerShell services.


Start-Automating employs the world’s foremost experts on Windows PowerShell 2.0. We provide small classroom training, hands-on labs, and prebundled courseware. Start-Automating specializes in training on Windows PowerShell 2.0 topics including remoting, advanced function development, script optimization and debugging, and hosting Windows PowerShell in C#.


Start-Automating helps you solve your Windows PowerShell problems directly. We offer Solve-It-Together, which offers you an opportunity to get expert Windows PowerShell help for developing your solutions so you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. 


Start-Automating can help your company decide how to adopt Windows PowerShell and how to create perfect Windows PowerShell solutions. We can advise you about the key pieces of a Windows PowerShell infrastructure that your company needs, and help ensure that the Windows PowerShell solutions your company develops embrace the virtuous cycle.

Contract development

Start-Automating can develop any custom Windows PowerShell solution that is required. We are the world’s foremost experts in:

Script cmdlet development

C# cmdlet development

Windows PowerShell host development

Scripted UI (WPK)

Start-Automating’s experts have produced more commands than the Microsoft Exchange Server and SharePoint product groups combined. Start-Automating helps your organization leverage Windows PowerShell to save time, save money, and start automating. Find out more at

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