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Bookmark and Share Shell Tools logo Shell Tools, LLC, is a company in Washington state founded by Karl Prosser, Eddie Hadjes, and Tobias Weltner. The company initially produced two commercial products: PowerShell Analyzer, which is now free, and PowerShell Plus. Shell Tools sold PowerShell Plus to Dr. Tobias Weltner, and now PowerShell Plus is being developed and sold by Idera.  PowerShell Analyzer was the first editor and non-Microsoft host for the Windows PowerShell Engine. As an IDE, PowerShell Analyzer focuses on the interactive leveraging of Windows PowerShell as a dynamic language. PowerShell Analyzer’s goal is to allow users to be as productive as possible in sculpting, running, and interpreting results, and refactoring everything from the one-liners Windows PowerShell is famous for to fully fledged production quality scripts.  

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