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At Quest we are passionate about Windows PowerShell, the command-line and scripting language developed by Microsoft to help administrators work more efficiently with applications running on the Windows platform. We’re so passionate, we’ve developed tools and a robust online community to help administrators adopt and become efficient at scripting with this new platform. 

Freeware Graphical User Interface and Script Editor  Get PowerGUI

PowerGUI is the freeware tool administrators need to rapidly adopt PowerShell within their environment. Immediately begin building powerful scripts that harness the power of PowerShell across your environment.  

PowerGUI Pro with MobileShell and Version Control  Get PowerGUI Pro

PowerGUI Pro is a graphical Windows PowerShell administration console with an integrated editor and debugger. Solves issues regardless of time and place using MobileShell for remote management.  Ensures scripting best practices by leveraging Version Control integration

PowerShell Commands for Active Directory Download now

The ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory is a set of Windows PowerShell commands that can be used to perform and automate administrative tasks like discovering the AD environment, changing user properties, modifying group membership, provisioning new user accounts, and performing multiple other tasks within Active Directory.  


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