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Doctor Scripto

Dr Scripto

Manning is a publisher of computer books for professionals. We published our first book in 1993, and ever since, we have been learning from our successes, and even more from our mistakes. Every new book teaches us something to help us improve. How to choose the topics; how to find the right authors; how to help authors write their manuscripts; how to ensure that the content is valuable and easy to learn; how to get the word out about the book. We publish standalone titles and books in series, including: Hello!, In Action, In Practice, In Depth, and In a Month of Lunches. Readers can access our books before they are finished through the Manning Early Access Program, and we make our books available through Safari and iBooks. Print copies, wherever they are bought, come with free electronic versions in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats, which are downloadable from the Manning site.

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