So, How Are the 2012 Scripting Games Going Thus Far?


Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, provides a look from inside the trenches about how the 2012 Scripting Games are progressing. Wow! That is about all I have got to say. Perhaps that is because I am struggling to catch my breath. How are the 2012 Scripting Games going so far this year? Well, from a numbers perspective, we are seeing a significant increase in participation. In fact, for Event 1 (for which submission closed at 12:01 AM Redmond time on April 9, 2012), we have seen a submission increase of over 50 percent. For Advanced Event 1, we saw an increase of over 150 percent! Clearly there is an increased interest in the Scripting Games, but perhaps more importantly, this also indicates an increase in interest in the awesome technology called Windows PowerShell. How about the scripts themselves? There is another thing that is really cool (or maybe more important)the increase in scores. As a judge who has already graded literally hundreds of scripts this past week, I can tell you the increase in scores is NOT due to grade inflation. It is a result of superior scripts being submitted in both categories. In fact, the average grades in the Advanced category increased by 33 percentclearly an awesome achievement. But perhaps more exciting is that the average grade in the Beginner category (a category clearly aimed at beginners with no scripting experience) increased by 58 percent! These two points (the dramatic increase in the participation in the 2012 Scripting Games and the dramatic increase in the quality of scripts submitted) tell me that Windows PowerShell is becoming a mature and established technology that is rapidly being adopted by IT Pros. But besides merely adopting the technology, they are embracing it, and they are becoming increasingly proficient with this technology. Cool. Very cool indeed.

Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy


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