Scripting Wife’s Hints for Beginner Event 7

Summary: The Scripting Wife details her experience creating a script for Beginner Event 7 in the 2012 Scripting Games. I will tell you what…sometimes I wonder about that Script Monkey. Actually, it is more than just sometimes. I thought this event was just a wee bit too hard. My score will probably drop several notches. Right now I am in position 21 (not that it matters, because I am ineligible for anything), but it is kind of cool. What is more cool is that only 1.5 points separate #1 from #28. I know, however, after my entry for this event factors in, I will no longer be in position 21. Oh well. So what was my problem? I could not figure out how to get hidden event logs. Getting enabled event logs that have more than 0 records is not too hard. I needed to create a compound Where clause and look for records that are enabled and that have more than 0 records. This type of Where clause is a little tricky, but I used it in an earlier event when we were looking for running services that could also stop. If you missed that, you may want to look at some other people’s entries (who got good scores). You may also want to look at some of the judges blogs (I talked about them in 2012 Scripting Games Blog Roll) because I remember seeing a blog by Don Jones where he talked about doing a compound Where clause. He gave a great example. After sorting it, I picked up the two properties I needed and formatted it as a table. By the way, you might want to look at the Weekend Scripter: Troubleshooting Windows Hey, Scripting Guy! blog. It gave me several things to think about as I worked on my solution. I guess maybe it was not really too hard, I will see when I get my score. I hope you are doing well in the 2012 Scripting Games. Oh, by the way, if you are going to be in Atlanta on Saturday April 14, 2012, the Scripting Guy and I will be at the SQL Saturday #111 at the Georgia State University in Alpharetta. Hope to see you there. Happy scripting,

~Scripting Wife.


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