Scripting Wife Gives Hints for Beginner Event 9


Summary: Scripting Wife provides hints for 2012 Scripting Games Beginner Event 9. I was going to write this tomorrow, but then I am going to meet up with some friends for breakfast and shopping, so I will get my hints that I completed today. I was up rather late last night finishing writing all of my entries for all the events, then I got them submitted this morning. I am officially finished with the 2012 Scripting Games. I am looking forward to seeing what the experts did with my events. I liked Dr. Thomas Lee’s write up—probably because his solution looked a lot like the solution I submitted. I guess a big part of learning from the games is seeing what others did and comparing it with your own work. I did not think that Beginner Event 9 was too complicated. The hardest part of the event occurred if you did not actually have an event 10001 entry on your computer. I did, and therefore I had no problem. Luckily, DavidW posted a comment about Beginner Event 9 that told how to generate a 10001 error message. He said to restart the computer while Notepad was running, and when the computer asks you if you want to save your data, hit Cancel, and then tell the computer to perform a force quit. When you do this, you should get the error message. Searching an event log for the 10001 event log entry was not too hard. I sent the results to Format-List with a * and the –force parameter so I could look at information that was returned. This helped me find the property that contained the information about applications that are attempting to veto the shutdown. I hope this helps.

~Scripting Wife


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