Scripting Wife Discusses 2012 Scripting Games Beginner Event 1


Hi everyone. Well, Ed (the Microsoft Scripting Guy) is totally swamped with the 2012 Scripting Games, and so I thought I would jump onto Live Writer and write a quick post about Beginner Event 1. I noticed that Ed has been keeping up pretty well with the comments on Twitter and  the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog. He is a bit behind on answering email that comes to (I think he normally checks it about once a day).

Anyway, here is my take on Beginner Event 1. There are a couple of things going on with this event. First of all, I am not certain you should even pay all that much attention to me because I did not get a five on any of my scores; but hopefully, I can help you do better without saying exactly what the judges said about my script. So here goes. Winking smile

1. Your answer must be able to run against a remote server. This is where I messed up. Although my answer COULD have run against a remote server, IF you modified it, the judge did not like that, and it cost me one point.

2. Make sure you that you have your information in the correct order before you choose the top ten items that are using up the most memory. This is important because otherwise you get ten random things coming back. Random is not good here.

3. Make sure that you return an object that you can do other stuff with. This is in the requirements, and if you do special formatting or change your object, you will not be able to do other things with it.

This event only took me about 30 minutes or so to do. I used the information about processes from Get-Help and from the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog. Hint, pay attention to the 2012 Scripting Games Study Guide…Ed is really proud of that, and it will help you. I hope that you have the 2012 Windows PowerShell Scripting Games: All Links on One Page bookmarked. I use that to keep up with stuff.

Well, that is it. I am heading out in a little bit. Good luck to you.


Scripting Wife


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