Scripting Wife Comments on Beginner Event 6

Doctor Scripto

Summary: The Scripting Wife reveals her impressions of 2013 Scripting Games Beginner Event 6. Well, this event was tough, but I would not want to do it without having Windows Server 2012 because there are lots of cool functions to help with this task. What I did was go through the requirements one at a time, and for each requirement try to figure out how I could accomplish the task. For example, the first task is to read a text file that contains the MAC addresses for each virtual machine;s active network adapter. This, for me, meant creating a filter for the MAC address. To test it, I used my own MAC address to make sure things worked properly.  I found a cmdlet (function) that returns the IP address from my computer, and I was able to pipe it to a filter that found if the IP address originated from DHCP. I could not find a cmdlet that would join a computer to the domain, but I did find one that would add it to the domain—probably the same thing (even though Join is an approved verb).  Usually, I use the Force parameter when I want Windows PowerShell to do something without prompting, but it does not always work. For those times when it does not work, I use Confirm:$True instead. I guess I could also change the value of the $ConfirmPreference automatic variable. Well, this is it for me. This year’s Scripting Games have been awesome. Thanks to everyone over at for hosting these awesome Games.

Take care everyone, and if you are at TechEd in New Orleans, stop by the Scripting Guys booth and say hi!