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Summary: The Scripting Wife reveals her impressions of 2013 Scripting Games Beginner Event 3.
OK, I will admit it, when I read this event I sort of freaked out. I mean, create an HTML report? I do not even know what HTML means, and little about how to create one. I do know that a report means send out more stuff than just write it to the Windows PowerShell console, so it means I am going to have to create something…or save something. So the first thing I did was use Get-Command to see if I could find a cmdlet by using the verb OutHere is the command I created, and the output from that command:

PS C:> gcm -Verb out


CommandType     Name                                               ModuleName

———–     —-                                               ———-

Function        Out-TempFile                                       HSGWMIModuleV5

Function        Out-TempFile                                       HSGWMImoduleV6

Cmdlet          Out-Default                                        Microsoft.Powe…

Cmdlet          Out-File                                           Microsoft.Powe…

Cmdlet          Out-GridView                                       Microsoft.Powe…

Cmdlet          Out-Host                                           Microsoft.Powe…

Cmdlet          Out-Null                                           Microsoft.Powe…

Cmdlet          Out-Printer                                        Microsoft.Powe…

Cmdlet          Out-String                                         Microsoft.Powe…
Well, there was no HTML in the Out output.
So, I then decided to look for a noun that might have something to do with HTML. Here is the command I created:

gcm -noun *html*
Luckily, I got an answer. So then I looked at the Help for the cmdlet by using the Get-Help cmdlet and showing all of the Help information by using the Full parameter.
The neat thing is that in Windows 8, there is a CIM function that returns disk information automatically. It is cool, but it requires Admin rights to run it. Well, I have to go…
~Scripting Wife

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