Scripting Wife Comments on Beginner Event 2

Doctor Scripto

Summary: The Scripting Wife reveals her impressions of 2013 Scripting Games Beginner Event 2.

Well I am back from Seattle and from the Windows PowerShell Summit—and boy, did I have a lot of fun. I got to see friends from all over the world, and the amazing thing is that I knew nearly everyone there—at least virtually. Well, nearly everyone. The good thing is that I got to know the ones that I did not previously know. I really want to thank Don, Jeffery, Richard, Chris, and Jason for all their hard work in putting this summit together. Here is a picture of Lee Holmes and me outside the conference room prior to him delivering an awesome presentation.

Photo of Lee Holmes with Scripting Wife

OK…this event is not too bad. Whenever I hear things like inventory, I think of WMI. To help you get moving in the right direction, read my post, Weekend Scripter: Use PowerShell to Find the Version of Windows, where I work with the Scripting Guy to find WMI information. So all I need to do is get the operating system version, the number of processors, and the amount of memory. I also need to be able to read a text file that contains the IP addresses. No problem…this really is not too hard at all.

~Scripting Wife