Scripting Wife Comments on Beginner Event 1

Doctor Scripto

Summary: The Scripting Wife reveals her impressions of 2013 Scripting Games Beginner Event 1. Hi everyone, I want to welcome you to the 2013 Scripting Games. This year the events were designed by the Windows PowerShell community, and the games are being run by the Windows PowerShell community. It is a very exciting and important year. OK, so at first Beginner Event 1 did not make too much sense to me, so I had to read it multiple times before it dawned on me what was going on. You see, I am not a computer guru—I am more at home with Microsoft Excel than with Windows PowerShell. But Windows PowerShell is cool, and I have come to appreciate it over the years. In fact, I have found that some tasks are actually easier to do from Windows PowerShell than from the GUI (this is especially true for me in Windows 8). Anyway, at first when I read this event, I was thinking event logs…hmmmm…I think I need to use Get-EventLog. I looked up the Help on Get-EventLog by doing the following: help Get-EventLog I looked through everything, but I did not find what I needed. Then it dawned on me that just because something says it is a log, does not mean it goes into an event log. These log files are really just files with a .log extension. I can treat them like they were text files. And I know how to work with text files. Then I decided to look at some Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog posts about working with files for storage. I came up with this list of blogs. Next I decided to look at blogs that talk about working with dates and times, and I came up with this list of blogs. By using these resources, I was able to come up with a solution to the Beginner Event 1. I spent a couple of hours reading and reviewing as part of the event, and I thought it was a fun process. I hope you will join in the spirit of the 2013 Scripting Games. You will be glad you do!

~Scripting Wife


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