Scripting Wife comments on 2011 Scripting Games event 4


Good morning. Well the Scripting Guy is busy checking email this morning and I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know my thoughts on the Beginner Event 4 in the Windows PowerShell 2011 Scripting Games. By the way, due to a mix up with the time zones, many of you were unable to submit your scripts for event 1. I saw, last night on Twitter, that Ed has extended the deadline for submitting scripts for event 1 until midnight tonight (midnight April 11, 2011 –7 GMT). You therefore have basically another 24 hours to submit. Event 4 is due at 12:01 AM on April 14.

Back to event 4, the first thing I did was look at the Get-Service cmdlet, but unfortunately, that cmdlet does not seem to expose the user account that is used to start the service. I therefore had to look at WMI. To find the class I needed to use, I turned to MSDN and looked up service start name. Once I had a way to find the information about service account names, I used the Sort-Object cmdlet to sort by that name and then used Format-Table to format the information. All in all, it was a fun event. Hope you have a scriptastic day.




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