Scripting Wife comments on 2011 Scripting Games event 3


Ok. Well yesterday afternoon heading towards evening the weather turned bad, and it began to storm. But then, you did not tune in for a weather forecast did you. I was just going to explain what I am doing up early on the weekend. Let’s see, I have  a lot to do today that my friends and I did not get accomplished yesterday due to the bad weather. People in Charlotte, North Carolina are really cool, but when the weather changes – either snow or rain, driving becomes downright hazardous. We therefore concluded our excursion early, and headed home. I got up early to do the scripting games event 3, and then head out with my friends. There is a pretty cool restaurant down by the lake that makes a nice breakfast, and we are all getting together for a sort of breakfast / lunch (brunch if you will) meal. What can I say about event 3? Well first of all I hate the cmdlet I have to use for this event. It is a powerful cmdlet, but it is annoying to use. Luckily, the Scripting Guy wrote some recent articles about this cmdlet, so I am in good shape there. You can use the Get-Command cmdlet and look for cmdlets that have a noun that contains the word *event* in it and find the correct cmdlet to use. Next I needed to filter the results to find logs that are enabled and sort the logs and format the output. I talked about using the Format-Table cmdlet a while back so I am up to speed on that.

Well, I hope this gets you going on Event three. Remember, you still have until midnight tonight (1201 AM (-8 GMT) 4/11/2011) to turn in Event 1. Event 2 will be due on Monday night, and Event 3 on Tuesday night … so there is plenty of time to get in the games. See you tomorrow.