More Pester Feature and Resources

Summary: Dave Wyatt wraps up his week teaching us about Pester with information about more resources.
   Note   This is a five-part series that includes the following posts:

What is Pester and Why Should I Care? Learn about a new test framework for PowerShell called Pester
Getting Started with Pester Learn how to get information back from Pester
Unit Testing PowerShell Code with Pester Use Pester to analyze small pieces of Windows PowerShell code
Testing Script Modules with PesterUse Pester for testing PowerShell modules
More Pester Feature and ResourcesLearn about more Pester resources

I hope that this series has convinced you that writing Pester tests for your code can be easy and valuable—even if I had to be fairly brief in my examples of the most essential parts of the module. … Continue reading More Pester Feature and Resources